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After Ivf Era

Dear Serum family and friends!

We are so happy receiving the news about lifting the travel restrictions since June 15th for some countries and since July 1st for the rest of them. We are excited that we will finally be able to see you again or finally meet you in person after this unpleasant and difficult time for the whole world.

As you may have heard, Greece has received such great feedback from the majority of countries regarding its skills managing the Covid-19 pandemic. Our country managed to keep the contamination limited and protect public health. This remains our goal too and we are aiming to keep up this good work protecting not only ourselves but also our foreign visitors.

So now that we are ready to continue our lovely routine, we would like to share with you our strategy and safety protocols based on ESHRE and Greek IVF Committee guidelines. It is our responsibility and each one of you as a responsible person to follow these measures so to protect all of us and keep making your baby dream come true.

Below you will find our General principles and the extra measures we have implemented so to minimize the risk:

1. We strictly follow ESHRE and Greek IVF Committee guidelines.
2. All Serum staff is closely monitored and regularly tested for Covid 19 via pcr tests taking all extra protective measures and we work in shifts.
3. We take the temperature of everyone having access to the clinic.
4. We offer masks and hand sanitizer to all.
5. We have hired extra cleaning staff so to cover the demanding need of the current situation.
6. Appointments for consultations/ any kind of IVF treatment are booked with logical time difference so to limit waiting and crowding.
7. All rooms are regularly sanitized and aired using Air Ionizers.
8. All male and females donors are tested for Covid-19.

Extra Information

Principles of ART treatment at Serum in relation to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic

Precautionary measures due to COVID-19 global outbreak

Why travel to SERUM for fertility treatment

Although there is much that we don’t yet know about the complex processes controlling fertility, we believe that with the methods and techniques that already exist today and with our personal commitment, we are trying as hard as we can to make sure that every patient who comes to us has a happy, healthy baby.

Travelling to Athens may sound daunting, but very few of our patients regret the effort they make to do this.

We aim to combine all necessary investigations into one initial consult visit with a stay of only 1 or 2 nights in Athens so you get all the answers you need to plan your treatment as cost effectively as possible.

Why choose Serum

Individualising your IVF treatment and protocol

Maximising your chance of getting pregnant naturally if possible

Working with your body and adapting our treatment at every stage according to what your body is telling us

Offering egg donation with the very highest standards of donor welfare and ethics and the closest possibly match to your physical characteristics

Offering rapid access to value for money fertility tests and treatment without waiting lists

Offering egg collection and embryo transfer 7 days a week so we can optimise timing for your body

Serum IVF Treatments

Fertility Treatments

Stimulated In Vitro Fertilization

Is the most complex of the assisted reproduction techniques that are used to treat infertility and help with the conception of a child

Egg/Sperm/Embryo Donor IVF

Some women and men face fertility problems for various reasons that can be overcome by using donors. At Serum we offer a large pool of carefully selected egg and sperm donors.


These procedures are most commonly used to overcome male infertility problems, although it may also be used where eggs cannot easily be penetrated by sperm

Extended Culture and Blastocyst Transfer

Culturing to blastocyst on day 5, enables the embryologist to see which embryos are more likely to be euploid (have the right number of chromosomes) and have a higher chance of giving a baby.

More Fertility Treatments

Immunological Treatments

Natural Killers

In some women, the immune defenses may be overactive leading to poor tolerance of the embryo and a direct attack on the fetal cells by maternal uNKs.


Some mothers have a condition called thrombophilia (excessive blood clotting) caused by a variety of genetic or autoimmune reasons.

Systemic Inflammation

In some men and women, levels of inflammatory cytokines like TNFalpha can be very high, which leads to reduced egg and sperm quality and to a more hostile uterus.

Alloimune Problems

In some women, we find a failure to make antibodies capable of recognizing embryonic cells

More Immunological Treatments

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