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initial consultation

Initiate your fertility consultation in Greece
starting from the basics! Start your journey to fertility consultation in Greece for free!

Initial Consultation

At Serum, we believe that a thorough and in-depth review of the medical history, previous treatments and tests is invaluable towards devising a tailor-made treatment plan for every lady or couple. To initiate your fertility consultation in Greece, you need to fill in a questionnaire and all initial communication is done (free of charge) via email, phone or skype.

Long Distance Fertility Consultation (Phone / Skype)

We offer rapid access to free telephone fertility consultation with our specialists and fertility doctors at a convenient time for you – to help you plan your treatment with us, undertake tests in your home country if applicable, and improve your chances of conceiving naturally. We usually have phone appointments available within a week and you are ready to start your journey to fertility consultation in Greece.

Fertility Consultation in Athens, Greece

In our clinic, we offer all necessary female and male fertility investigations (including immunological testing) in a single visit to Greece to identify and address issues that may have been previously missed. At the same time, we make an individualised treatment plan for you while you are here, based on our assessment during fertility consultation. The clinic works Monday to Saturday for consultations and appointments are given upon availability.