Fertility Treatments Pricelist


Find out the pricelist and special offers
of the most common IVF treatments

Latest Updated: January 2023

Includes: Ovulation monitoring (scans), Sperm Preparation, Intrauterine Insemination

*medications and blood tests are not included

*donor sperm from our sperm bank if needed: 500 euros

Includes: Ovulation monitoring (scans), Egg Collection, Fertilisation (IVF or ICSI) In vitro Cultivation of the embryos up to Blastocyst Stage, Embryo transfer

There is a special offer for two Own Egg IVF Cycles within a year at 5000

(the offer is not refundable and pre-paid on 1st Own Egg IVF Cycle).

*medications and blood tests are not included

Includes: Donor’s Expenses, Donor’s Medications, Donor’s Ovulation monitoring, Donor’s Egg Collection, Fertilization (IVF or ICSI), In vitro Cultivation of the embryos up to Blastocyst Stage, Embryo transfer to recipient.

*medications and blood tests are not included

In the event that your cycle does not proceed to embryo transfer due to a problem with your lining development or you are unable to travel, we will proceed with freezing the embryos and transfer them another time reserving the right to charge the full cycle cost.

Freezing fee will be 1000€ per straw of Blastocysts for a period of one year (that includes the cost of the subsequent Frozen embryo transfer) and the annual renewal freezing fee will be 200€ per straw/per year.


Freezing fee will be 500€ per straw of Blastocysts for a period of one year, the annual renewal freezing fee will be 200€ per straw, and for the subsequent frozen embryo transfer the cost will be 700€, paid at the day of the frozen embryo transfer.

The cost for one egg freezing cycle will be 2.500€ (including stimulation, scans, and egg collection).

*medications and any blood tests needed are not included.

We offer to freeze the eggs collected in batches of 1- 5 eggs and the first 2 straws (up to 10 eggs in total) will be included in the price of the cycle. Any extra straw will be charged 300€ for freezing per straw which includes storage for the first year (further years 100€/year per straw).

Using sperm from our Sperm Bank: 500

If you purchase sperm from another sperm bank:  At your own expense

*The interested party has to arrange payment directly

Includes: Sedation, Sperm Retrieval

Includes: Sedation, Sperm Retrieval

There is also a cost of 1000€ for the biopsy of up to 5 embryos.

ICSI is an in vitro fertilization technique, in which a single spermatozoon is injected directly into an oocyte.

IMSI is an in vitro fertilization technique that involves the selection of a spermatozoon which has external as well as internal normal morphology.

PICSI is an in vitro fertilization technique which allows the embryologist to imitate nature in selecting a spermatozoon capable of fertilization.

In assisted hatching, an opening is formed on the shell (Zona Pellucida) surrounding the embryo before the embryo is transferred to the uterus.

IVM refers to the maturation of the retrieved immature oocytes in the special culture environment.

The oocytes are activated via calcium ionophore medium for pronucleus formation, before the fertilization process begins.

EmbryoGlue is a hyaluronan-enriched embryo transfer medium which aids in implantation of embryos.

Other Services and Costs

  • Consultation: Free of charge
  • Vaginal ultrasound scan to check uterus and ovaries: Free of charge
  • Aquascan: 200€
  • Hysteroscopy: 1.680€
  • Laparoscopy (complex surgery e.g., complicated fibroidectomy may cost slightly more, very simple cases may cost slightly less): 4.200€ (hysteroscopy is included)
  • Cyst Aspiration: 500€ (800€ under anaesthesia)
  • AMH: 70€
  • Microbiome test: 300€
  • Ovarian PRP Rejuvenation: 1800€
  • Endometrial PRP Rejuvenation: 1500€ (2 to 3 endometrial PRP infusions in the same cycle: 2000€)
  • Ovarian plus Endometrial PRP Rejuvenation: 2500€ (one infusion of each in the same cycle)
  • Semen analysis: 100€
  • Sperm DNA fragmentation: 150€
  • Semen Maturation Assessment: 150€
  • Anti-sperm Antibody Test: 100€
  • Semen Oxidation test: 80€
    • Sperm Freezing + storage for 1 year (per vial): 60€/ *Yearly renewal fee (per vial): 60€
Sperm analysis, DNA fragmentation, Maturation Assessment plus Oxidative Stress Level test: 400
  • Blood group & Rhesus factor: 20€
  • Karyotyping: 300€
  • Cystic Fibrosis: 350€
  • Y Deletion: 210€
  • Screening blood test: 110€


HIV 1 & 2

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis C


Anti-HBc IgM

  • Hormones (FSH, LH, E2, Prolactin, Progesterone): 30€ each
  • Thyroid profile (TSH, FT4, FT3, T4, T3): 30€ each
  • Full blood count: 15€
  • Urea: 10€
  • Electrolytes (K, Na): 20€
  • Fragile X syndrome: 350€
  • Y chromosome microdeletion:110€
  • Factor II, V Leiden Factor, MTHFR: for all three 110€
  • Haemochromatosis: 250€
  • Beta thalassemia: 50€
  • Covid test: 47€

Acupuncture (carried out by our anaesthesiologist before and after ET): 100€

  • Natural Killer Cell Assay: 170€
  • DQ alpha (per partner): 170€
  • Genetic thrombophilia panel: 350€
  • L.A.D. (antipaternal antibodies): 130€
  • Chicago test: 390€
  • Th1-Th2 (TNFa included): 230€
  • Antiphospholipid test: 120€

L.I.T: 240€

Intralipids (per infusion): 100€

KIR stimulatory: 200€ (at a nearby lab)

KIR stimulatory & inhibitory: 350€ (at a nearby lab)

Please note that we cannot give a price inclusive of all your medications because our treatment protocols are very much individualised and as such, the costs of medications will vary among different patients. For example, typical costs for a cycle of egg donation treatment or a natural cycle IVF might vary from 100€ to 300€, but medications for a stimulated IVF cycle might cost around 1000€-2000€.