histeroskopisi cover 600x601 Hysteroscopy With Implantation Cuts

What is hysteroscopy?

A hysteroscopy is a surgical procedure to examine the inside of the uterus cavity detecting any possible causes of low fertility. Most hysteroscopies are carried out for diagnostic reasons, whereas ours are both diagnostic and remedial, so we not only investigate potential causes of your infertility, but at the same time we also treat any problems we find, e.g. by removing any polyps, scar tissue and adhesions.

Implantation Points

The innovation in our method is that highly experienced surgeons perform cuts across the fundus (the top of the uterus). The great experience gained over the years has led us to the conclusion that these “implantation cuts” create an increased vascularization and regeneration of endometrial tissues improving implantation rate in women with multiple IVF implantation failures. That is also why we often advise couples to try to get pregnant naturally for at least 2 cycles post-hysteroscopy in case the main barrier to fertility has just been fixed.


We offer a free-of-charge follow up consultation with our fertility specialists to discuss thoroughly the results of the hysteroscopy, watch the surgery on DVD and decide on the best fertility treatment options that are tailored specifically to the findings of the hysteroscopy.

Hospital Setting

The duration of the visit for the procedure lasts just two days and takes place in a luxurious and fully-equipped private maternity hospital located in Athens. The risks involved are the ordinary risks of anesthesia for which you are screened during the pre-operation tests and the risk of infection and uterine scarring brought on by any surgery for which you will follow a course of antibiotics afterwards.