We should not go outside, let us explore our world inside!

By Penny

“When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me,

Speaking words of wisdom let it be

And in my hours of darkness, she is standing right in front of me,

Speaking words of wisdom let it be “…

I was seated comfortably at my sofa at home, reading your e-mails, when the above lyrics of the Beatles, caressed my ears. The song was coming from somewhere in the neighbourhood, I couldn’t tell where.

And, as if a veil had gone through my mind, I felt peaceful and optimistic. For a moment, my thoughts travelled far away, just if I was on a summer vacation. Blue sea, clear sky, warm and sunny day! Such lovely feelings flooded my soul!

I really wanted to share my feelings and thoughts with you all, so I started writing. Forgive my writing mistakes, just listen to my heart.

The pandemic from which the planet is plagued is humanity’s most challenging and devastating moment since the last world war. For many people today, it is true that they can go as far as their balcony or patio. This is our safety zone! And we do not know for how long!

We cannot go outside (except for important reason). We can, however, take advantage of this period, to find peace and tranquillity with ourselves.

Think of your everyday lives before: too busy to get into the mood for an internal searching. Too busy to think of your priorities, of yourselves, of the interactions with the people around you.

Well now, there is plenty of time, since stay at home has become our “new normal”. Travelling is not only a state of the body, but it can also become a state of mind.

Simply, since we cannot go outside, we can start going inside!

Clear thinking during this challenging period, can lower our physical stress levels, and heal our wounds.

We can focus on the essential things in life, we can really listen to our loved ones -understand them more-, we can make peace with our family and with ourselves.

Ice-cream stains on the new carpet are not significant, our children’s joy when eating ice-cream is important! Simple as that!

Think of all the things we take for granted! Our freedom, our health, our status, what we will do the next day, the next week, the following year! Now we know, we must enjoy every laugh, every kind word and appreciate every hug from our beloved ones. Enjoy being a family again inside the house. Enjoy long phone calls with parents (they should stay away from you to be safe) and the friends we haven’t meet for a long time! Enjoy a good night sleep and better sleep quality. Enjoy our pets’ caresses; enjoy helping others that have a need! Enjoy being lazy sometimes!

And as we proceed with healing ourselves, we can start thinking on a larger scale. Our neighbourhoods, our communities, our cities, our countries, the whole world! Making ourselves better will help the planet become better too!

Becoming less selfish and kinder, less busy and wiser will allow our children to live in a better world.

Through our inner journey, we may find the real unconditional love for the others around us, for our own self, for every creature, for the whole planet. Life will be so much more precious, and we will give to our babies a better place to be and values that are not fading but stay healthy in every difficulty that life brings.

Love can fill our hearts, leaving no space for fears …

“And when the broken hearted people

Living in the world agree,

There will be an answer, let it be.

For though they may be parted there is

Still, a chance that they will see

There will be an answer, let it be.”

Thank you all my friends for reading my thoughts.

Love, Penny

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