Precautionary measures due to COVID-19 global outbreak

  • maintenance of WHO, ESHRE, EODY(national organization of public health) and EAIYA (national authority of medically artificial reproduction) recommendations
  • continuous communication and update of the embryologists for the global view of the scientific community concerning COVID-19 spread and the impact on fertility patients
  • handling all embryos and gametes as if they were potentially contaminated with SARS-Cov-2
  • multiple dilutions of embryos and oocytes in order to minimize viral load if any present in the biological (follicular and semen) fluid
  • placement of extra air purifiers, inside the laboratories, equipped with UV lamps that seem to destroy viral, bacterial and fungal DNA and RNA
  • usage of special disinfectants for surfaces, incubators and hoods which are microbiocide and virucide but show at the same time, non toxic effect on human embryos and gametes (active ingredients: Quaternary ammonium compounds)
  • meticulous and frequently repeated routine cleaning
  • use of high safety cryostorage devices
  • storage of all cryopreserved embryos, created from February 2020, in a separate dewar