What is this test?

This test helps evaluate the woman’s endometrial receptivity from a molecular perspective.

era test Endometrial Receptivity Test (ERA)

Who is it for?

The ERA test is one of the latest tests available to women with recurrent implantation failures. (3 more implantation failures of morphologically perfect embryos with a normal looking endometrium and an Endometrial Thickness > 6.5mm)

What is the rationale behind the test:

The rationale behind this test is that for some women the so called “implantation window” which is the optimal time during which an embryo can implant into the endometrium is either displaced or shorter than usual.

This means that the reason for the implantation failure is not the quality of the embryo but the fact that the endometrium is simply not receptive.

Detailed planning is needed for the test so a discussion with one of our fertility specialists is necessary if you want to know if this test might apply to you.